1Pass is a button that makes money

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Adding it to your website* lets readers pay for articles with one click.

* WordPress plugin available

1Pass makes readers happy

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Readers open a 1Pass account using only their email address, and they get their first article for free.

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Then they can buy with a single click wherever the button is found. They stay on your website to read.

1Pass just works

You control the price of your content and which pieces are available on 1Pass.

Get an instant rundown on sales performance with the 1Pass Publisher Dashboard.

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One-click install for WordPress

With the 1Pass WordPress plugin, you can be up and running in 60 seconds.

Plugins are also available for Drupal and Craft CMS.

Use a different CMS? No problem. Drop us a line to arrange a free custom installation.

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No fees and no fixed costs

Once you've installed the button, you can set the prices of your articles using your publisher dashboard, and track your sales. You receive 70% of revenues each month; 1Pass retains 30% to cover transaction charges, and taxes where applicable.

“Papers and mags can control 1Pass for themselves: no Facebook or Google hegemony. This is the way paywalls become flexible and allow readers to seek out what’s important”

— Peter Preston, The Guardian