About the 1Pass Button

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The 1Pass button in context

1. The button detects whether the user has a 1Pass account


Signup form 9794231a1b1829d7216f875158f13d18bd6993dd36169d631af4c1d52cf68235

The 1Pass signup form

The button offers the user a 1Pass account

When the user enters their email, they'll create their account and see the full article on the page immediately. The first article is always free. On signing up they receive a welcome email from 1Pass.


The button prepares to ask for payment.

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2. The button determines whether the user can afford the article


Purchase form adc6bbebe6c5e1b16960f16fbd8032e27afecbea79d1ccb7f17297052d7be89c

Using 1Pass as you@example.com. Balance: $3.75

This button displays the price set by the publisher. The user sees the balance on their 1Pass account underneath. Clicking the button purchases the article and displays it on the page.


Topup form 1c71ad823bf8477373651c7497b099a3bb9903ac99c0bb87e8c35d0189aedd02

The 1Pass top up button

The button offers the user the chance to top up their account.

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3. The button provides a way to add credit to 1Pass

1pass stripe 6283c703a879c9529cb63c18805f8f071b1f7f0c0abe13eb1eea3d5b53bb7f12

Topping up a 1Pass account

The user types their credit card details into a secure popup provided by Stripe. Once payment has been taken, they are invited to confirm the purchase.

If it's their first topup, 1Pass invites them to set a password

You've added money to 1Pass
Create a password to keep it safe

Password form 9002f3391ae5b195ee1a02d054785cad60b50f77cba6a8b12cb9a5ea228578bc

Setting a password

Any questions? Write to us! support@1pass.me